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I always find it cool to see what the world thinks about us (well, I'm a Swiss actually, but an Italian-speaking one). Animation is top-notch, but even though this isn't obviously focused on plot I felt like there was something missing, something that could connect everything together apart from Italian stereotypes.
I liked it very much though, expecially the animation, I can see you put a lot of effort into this, it must have taken quite some time to draw all those frames.

KidneyJohn responds:

It took forever. Thanks for the feedback.

It was awesome!
My birthday is the 7th of March, call me Cugno, and I like dick jokes! Now get your work done!

I am afraid I have to agree with what Britbau said. The movie should have been a cute, sweet looking short to move people, but the lack of animation really had a negative impact on the overall feeling. In addition, it just looked like self-aimed cuteness, without consistency, it wouldn't have been bad to have some plot elements, just to give us an idea about what was going on. I'm not mindlessly hating on your movie, I think that the artstyle was enjoyable, but some more details could have enhanced the immersion, instead of making it look like a cheesy slideshow. It wasn't bad anyway.

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Short but funny

Everything was kind of cheap, and the whole thing was pretty short itself, but good for a laugh... I liked the "you have no friends" part, you understood the nerds' psychology at best hehe.

janzadbany responds:

Thank you very much :)

Stunning graphics

Not a fan of this kind of games, but let me tell you that those 3D graphics were out of this world, my biggest congratulations. Great job with the level designing too, this game is awesome in so many aspects.


I played some 3d flash games around the web, and I have to say that this is by far the best one. The other ones looked like they were trying to impress with their 3d graphics, failing miserably. This one is so natural, the 3d feels so spontaneous... Outstanding, simply outstanding, very fun to play too.

rumblesushi responds:

Thanks a lot for the comments guys, it's appreciated. We've worked literally 24/7 to achieve this 3D performance in Flash.

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It must have been a pretty sad love, but I appreciate the odd time signature. There's not much musicality, but you shat together a decent tune, but maybe I'm biased because I like jazz, prog rock and all those things with odd time signatures and decreased ninths.

Considering you started writing this as an emo song, it sure sounds more like GYBE meets 70s prog rock than American Football, but I can definitely hear where you come from, there IS some emo in it, and it's a damn good blend. I really like how you mixed every cymbal to create that atmosphere, must have taken a lot of work! How did you record the drums? Because it is masterful!

SineRider responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah I definitely grabbed a lot of different styles for this track haha. The drums are just a Kontakt pack but I played them in on a midi drum kit

The highest achievements of ambient music, sonicscapes that Brian Eno and Robert Fripp have been wanting for decades, and you're here, offering your art for two pennies. I hope you find yourself, and your crack.

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I cried too. A lot. 8===D

So awesome!

I can feel all the primitivism you put in your picture invading my body and soul! And that's not all: this awesome masterpiece has got some cubist elements too, I can see the picassoness on the left, in those amazing buildings. And the water, oh so fauve! Je l'aime! You rock, I would like to be your son!

NG-Bartolomeu responds:

Thanks for the review. I never had that thought.

I am Gurzociurlo, I make trash toons, games, music and strudels. I was born in Locarno, a town in which there is a lake I always pee and shit in. Played in many bands, all of them shitty. I would describe my stile with post-universalism. Fuck you Thomas.

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